Contributing to Black Python Devs

First off, thank you for considering contributing to Black Python Devs website. It’s people like you that make Black Python Devs such a great community.

Code of Conduct

Help us keep this project open and inclusive. Please read and follow our Code of Conduct.

How Can I Contribute?

1. Create an Issue (and wait to be assigned)

2. Fork the Code

3. Make the changes



Accessibility (A11y) using the FastPass tests for A11y and the Accessibility Insights for Web browser extension.

1: Reproduce the Tests

First, reproduce the FastPass tests for A11y using the Accessibility Insights for Web browser extension. This extension is designed to help you identify and fix accessibility issues on your website.


2: Capture the Issues

If the Accessibility Insights for Web extension identifies any issues, capture a screenshot of the issues on the BPDevs website. You can do this by pressing Ctrl + Shift + S on your keyboard.

3: Make the Necessary Changes

Next, make the necessary changes to fix the identified issues. This might involve modifying the CSS of the website.

4: Test the Changes

After making the changes, run the FastPass test again and capture a screenshot showing no accessibility issues. This will serve as proof that the issues have been successfully resolved.


5: Check and Pass Other Tests

Finally, check and pass other tests, such as the rules with pre-commit. This ensures that your changes are in line with the existing codebase and do not introduce any new issues.


We welcome translations for the Black Python Devs website in all languages! Here’s how you can contribute:

The language code being used should be in the format <ISO 639-1>

  1. Fork the repository: Make a copy of this project on your account.

  2. Create a new branch: Make a new branch for your translation work to keep it separate from the main project: e.g. es .

  3. Translate: Translate all the content in your preferred language. Please ensure that the translation is accurate and professional.

    • Copy _data/locales/en.yml to your target language file e.g. _data/locales/es.yml and translate all the strings.

    • Create a new directory in _articles/ for your language e.g. _articles/es/, copy each guide from _articles/ into that folder and translate the content in each guide.

    • Copy index.html to your target language index file e.g. _articles/es/index.html and update the lang: and add the permalink: fields. Example: lang: es and permalink: /es/.

  4. Submit a Pull Request: You may send a pull request before all steps above are complete: e.g., you may want to ask for help with translations, or getting tests to pass. However, your pull request will not be merged until all steps above are complete.

Our maintainers will review your pull request and merge it if everything is in order. We appreciate your contribution to making Black Python Devs accessible to more people around the world!