Black Python Devs Initiatives

Build Local Black Community

We believe it is incredibly important that local community is supported as much as possible.

They raise the overall capability of Pythonistas in their area with much more consistency.

Our Strategy

Black Leadership Opportunity Fund

It’s important that community leaders are able to grow and develop. Which is why we hope that we can get local leaders to global events where they can connect with other leaders in the community, learn from global professionals, and gain global support for their local initiatives.

That being said investments into opportunity grants are extremely limited and not everyone can fund attending these larger events. Furthermore, these opportunities often mean that the recipient has to personally fund their travel, only receiving reimbursement after the fact. Not everyone can get access to higher limit credit cards, loans.

Lastly the process for getting visas to attend can be confusing and daunting and different depending on the country. In some cases you don’t know if you can get your visa appointment in time once getting approval.

Our Strategy

Build Black Excellence Equally

Opportunities for Black professionals skew towards those with the ability to pay their way into a comfortable life. We can’t change how the game is played but we can play a different game.

Black Python Devs will work with content creators to give as many opportunities to Black developers for free or at a discounted rate. This involves coordinating with sponsors. What we can’t partner on, we will find from within. We aim to create opportunities for Black Python developers to network with one another, learn together, and share their knowledge with our ever growing community.

Our Strategy

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