Extending the Python Community to our Communities

Our Mission

Secure the bag

Establish guidance, mentorship, and career support for Black Python Devs Members

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Diversity By Inclusion

We encourage members to get involved beyond participation. Members can become maintainers, maintainers become leaders.

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Extend their reach

Great programs exist. Our goal is to help those programs make it our local communities.

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Say it loud!

Our stack and our decisions are open source by default and we share what we're doing as loudly and often as possible.

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DjangoCon US 2023

Recently on the blog

Why We Use Black, Colored and Coloured when Describing Members

We’ve received concerns from (up to this point) entirely white folks on the internet about our usage of words like Colored and Coloured when regarding some of our members.

Black Python Devs is now a Non-Profit Under the GNOME Foundation

The GNOME Foundation and Black Python Devs are proud to announce that our organizations have entered into a fiscal sponsorship agreement for the mutual benefit of our communities and the greater OS world.

Black Python Devs is sponsoring PyCon Nigeria 2024

We’re happy to annouce that Black Python Devs will be sponsoring PyCon Nigeria 2024 as a part of our Build Local Community Initiative. This commitment comes with the added benefit of free student ticket for qualifying Black Python Devs members.

Support Black Python Devs

Black Python Devs is a Non-Profit, fiscally hosted under the GNOME Foundation. GNOME does take a percentage for operating costs for our account and administration but at least 90% of proceeds goes directly to Black Python Devs General Purpose Fund as detailed here.

Corporate Sponsors

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