Dawn Wages, Sarah Abderemane and Djangonaut Space Awarded the Malcolm Tredinnick Memorial Prize

Each year the Django Software Foundation, selects a person or group that exemplifies the outstanding service to community as shown by the award’s namesake.

This year the honor was awarded to the team at Djangonaut Space, an initiative aiming to increase

This program places an emphasis on group-learning, sustainability and longevity.

The program is lead by a small team of long-time Django community contributors including Black Python Dev Members Dawn Wages and Sarah Abderemane.

The DSF selected the community based on the amazing success of their pilot program as the team moves into their second cohort.

the program had a stellar pilot session, propelling 🎉 nine 🎉 pull requests (PRs) to Django and launching 🎊 five 🎊 new contributors into the Django community. 🥳 Given the community’s enthusiastic interest and demand, the program is well-positioned to evolve and expand at warp speed, welcoming even more Djangonauts on future missions. 🚀

Djangonaut Space is an example of programs that Black Python Devs hopes to partner with in the future to create pathways for Black Python Developers to contribute to open source projects with guidance and assistance. Congratulations to Dawn, Sarah, and the rest of the Djangonaut Space team!