Black Python Devs x PyCon US

PyCon US is coming and Black Python Devs will represented strongly.

Black Python Devs x PyCon US 24

Here’s a list of all the things happening at PyCon US!

Come hang out at the August Williams African Cultural Center 📖

We try to learn a little about the local community and one another. Before all the fun at PyCon US we’re going to take a trip to the August Williams African Cultural Center.

Opening Keynote from Black Python Devs Founder Jay Miller 🎤

Jay Miller will be giving the opening keynote for the start of PyCon US. There we will be sharing with the Python Community what we’re doing, what is planned, and how they can help us bring more Black Pythonistas to the global Python community!

Come visit us at the Black Python Devs Community Booth 👕✊🏾

Black Python Devs will be running a booth in the expo hall where you can find information about Black Python Devs, its members and more.

The Leaders in Black Python Panel at the PSF Booth 🤩🤩🤩

We’ve been invited to crash the PSF booth to host a panel featuring Black leaders in the Python community. (More information to come)

The 3rd Annual Black Python Developers Open Space 🎉🎤🎉

We’re going to be back for our 3rd Black Python Developers Open Space. Connect with other Black Python Devs members for a no code-switch celebration and conversation!

When is all this happening!

We’ll have information on all the happenings at our booth and in the Black Python Devs discord. Join the community and stay up to date!