Black Python Devs is sponsoring PyCon Nigeria 2024

We’re happy to annouce that Black Python Devs will be sponsoring PyCon Nigeria 2024 as a part of our Build Local Community Initiative. This commitment comes with the added benefit of free student ticket for qualifying Black Python Devs members.

We are proud to extend this opportunity to students in Black Python Devs. We’ve learned that barriers don’t need to be large but can compound. This means that even reducing a single barrier may influence the decision to attend an event greatly.

It’s also important that we create opportunities to invest in the next generation of developers as often as possible. This sponsorship aligns with our pillar of Extend Their Reach

Our commitment has encouraged others

When announcing our intent to sponsor this event we did recieve messages from others in support and asking how they could contribute to getting more folks to the event.

To Qualify for a free student ticket

  1. You must be a currently enrolled student in a Nigeria university
  2. You must be one of the first 75 people member of the Black Python Developers Discord
  3. Use the command !pycon-ng in our general channel to receive instructions on how to register for the conference.

I’m not a student but would like to attend.

Please join the Discord and let us know. We do have a few tickets available for non-students.

All tickets for folks presently residing in Nigeria