What is Black Python Devs

Black Python Devs is an online-first community for python developers of all skill levels that identify as black.

Our goal is to:

  1. Show the vast community of black Python developers that exist but whose voices are often not amplified in the community.
  2. Support black Python developers in their careers by highlighting their expertise and creating mentorship opportunities.
  3. Learn from those who are creating and organizing events and other groups with communities of black developers.


Secure the Bag: Increase organizational investments in areas with larger densities of Black Python developers globally

Lack of stable employment often prevents members from contributing to the greater community at their desired leve. It is important that Black Python Developers are first and foremost employed and compensated at a fair rate.

Extend Their Reach: Expand support from existing Python and Other Technology focused organizations to communities of Black Python Devs members

We can’t be everything to everyone. We also don’t need to recreate all of the amazing programs designed for Pythonistas. Our goal is to support getting these existing programs to Black developers and fill in the gaps where they exist.

Support the Ecosystem: Create opportunities to invest in the local communities that members of Black Python Devs represent

Communities that are void of opportunities are often abandoned. While we can’t move entire companies to these areas we can make sure that the local areas and businesses continue to thrive.

Lend a Hand: Establish guidance, mentorship and support for Black Python Devs Members

To keep an ecosystem alive you must feed it. We want to ensure that the members range in different technical roles, skills, and skill levels so that we can address the widest variety of needs from the community.

Why online first

We hope in the long run to create many in-person user groups and events, but we have to understand where we can make the largest impacts.

To do this we’re hoping to gather folks from around the world and see where our largest audiences are.