About Black Python Devs

Black Python Devs was created by its founder Jay Miller after seeing a trend of the same handful of Black developers speaking at major conferences, taking leadership positions, and dealing with the same challenges towards burnout.

After attending PyCon US in 2022, he noticed they were able to physically count the number of Black developers that attended in person and that they made up LESS THAN 0.01% of the total attendees. Jay began asking speakers Black Pythonistas if they considered connecting with the community and the almost unanimous response was “Why would I do that?”. After some encouragement one person was convinced to give a lightning talk.

In the following year, we saw that person get more involved in their local user group and make connections that helped lead to forward progress in their career development.That same person was accepted to speak at PyCon US in 2023. With much push from community in Africa and Brazil, we saw the total number of Black attendees in 2023 triple in number.

At PyCon US 2023 after an open space a Discord server called Black Python Devs was created where the community could continue to encourage this momentum and support one another.

The Goal of Black Python Devs

Our goal is to become the largest community of Black Python Developers in the world and establish our community as a source for diverse leaders in the greater Python community.

We aim to:


Here is a look at our current initiatives? Select to learn more.

Leadership Team

photo of Jay

Jay Miller

photo of Velda

Velda Kiara
Events Coordinator

photo of Oleksis

Oleksis Fraga
Technical Manager

photo of Doreen

Doreen Nangira

We also vet our actions through our Black Python Devs Leadership Council made up of members who serve as Python Community leaders on a local, regional, or global scale.

We also have an Advisory Council made of strategic allies to help guide the progress of our community as a Non-Profit Organization.